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Tue Nov 23 13:34:32 EST 2010

You are correct, the innostore backend is not using the parameters passed to
it by multi_backend:

Rather than modifying the file you can configure the default
innostore settings in your Riak app.config file:
{riak_core, [...riak_core settings...]},
{riak_kv, [...riak_kv settings...]},
{innostore, [{buffer_pool_size, 8589934592}, ...other settings...]}

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On Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 2:02 AM, Joseph Lambert
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> Hello,
> Does anyone have innostore set up under multi_backend? I can't seem to get
> it to work properly with multi_backend.
> I tried adding it under the multi_backend, but it won't use any parameters
> passed in in the third parameter. If I set it up as an application, you
> can't select it as a backend. If I use both, I get an error with the erlang
> open_port command (guess it's trying to spawn it twice if I have it under
> multi_backend and configured as an app).
> Is the solution here to modify the file to give me the
> defaults I want, build it then install innostore (if I set it up only under
> multi_backend, it will work, but with the default app settings)?
> If I've just completely missed the mark, don't be afraid to mock me :).
> - Joe Lambert
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