Riak Recap for Nov. 22 - 23

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Wed Nov 24 11:18:15 EST 2010

Morning, Afternoon, Evening to all,

Here's a short Recap from the last few days.



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Riak Recap for Nov. 22 - 23

1) Jon Brisbin wrote up a blog detailing the progress he has made
adding support for Riak in Grails GORM.


Thanks, Jon!

2) For those of you going (or considering going) to Strata Conf this
coming February, here's something to add to your calendar: Basho CTO
Justin Sheehy will be giving a talk called "Riak Core: Scalable,
Highly-Available Distributed Systems Infrastructure."

Details here ---> http://strataconf.com/strata2011/public/schedule/detail/17726

3) hoodos, seancribbs and johnae had a conversation in #riak that
touched on some ring basics.

Gist here ---> https://gist.github.com/713854

4) Noteworthy enhancement to Ripple: Net::HTTP is now the default http
client and the HTTP backends are now more easily selectable.

See this commit for details --->

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