Rails, Ripple, and the Riak test_server

Duff OMelia duff at omelia.org
Tue Nov 30 16:31:46 EST 2010

Setting up my Rails app to run it's tests has been up to this point a
matter of having a config/ripple.yml file like the following:

  port: 8091
  host: localhost
  port: 8098
  host: localhost

Then making sure Riak is running with:
`$RIAK_HOME/rel/riak/bin/riak start`

I'm wondering how I can go about using the test_server.  I've adjusted
the files in my project like so:


I copied from the Ripple test suite.

When I run the suite though, I'm getting "execution expired" messages.

Do I need to have another instance of Riak running on port 9000?
Perhaps I could adjust the rel to use 9000 rather than 8098.

Any idea what I might be missing?


Duff OMelia

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