Pervasive replication

Andrew Cooper andrew.stephen.cooper at
Mon Oct 4 22:35:31 EDT 2010

Hello everyone,

The Dynamo replication scheme allows one to specify how many nodes a
change should be propagated to. But what if I want a change to be
(eventually) propagated to each and every machine in the cluster?
I can't simply specify a fixed number of nodes to replicate to,
because, in the general case, this is time-varying. My use case is a
multi-datacenter cluster with a low read latency requirement for
certain records (thus those records need to be present in each
datacenter, if not even on each machine).

Is this currently possible, or would it require a patch? Or would this
be too difficult to implement with the current architecture? This
seems to be a problem common to all databases using the Dynamo
replication scheme... or is it? Thoughts?


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