Pervasive replication

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Tue Oct 5 11:40:57 EDT 2010

The best way to do what you describe is to have a cluster in each datacenter with the multi-cluster replication feature from the EnterpriseDS version of Riak running between them.  Replication will automatically propagate writes in both directions and will give you the local access performance you need.  We recommend against having a single cluster span data centers as any given cluster really needs to share a low-latency network.

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On Oct 4, 2010, at 7:35 PM, Andrew Cooper wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> The Dynamo replication scheme allows one to specify how many nodes a
> change should be propagated to. But what if I want a change to be
> (eventually) propagated to each and every machine in the cluster?
> I can't simply specify a fixed number of nodes to replicate to,
> because, in the general case, this is time-varying. My use case is a
> multi-datacenter cluster with a low read latency requirement for
> certain records (thus those records need to be present in each
> datacenter, if not even on each machine).
> Is this currently possible, or would it require a patch? Or would this
> be too difficult to implement with the current architecture? This
> seems to be a problem common to all databases using the Dynamo
> replication scheme... or is it? Thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Andrew
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