About CAP theorem and Riak way of thinking

Germain Maurice germain.maurice at linkfluence.net
Fri Oct 8 05:26:14 EDT 2010

  Hi everybody,

Not really a technical question, i'm thinking about CAP theorem and the 
Riak way of thinking.

CAP theorem says : "You can't get Consistency, Availability and 
Partition tolerance at the same time"

It's advised to pick two of them and don't try to satisfy the three.
Riak says "Pick two at each operation".

So, am i right if i say : "the N_val of bucket is for Partition 
Tolerance, small R/W quorums are for Availability and high R/W/DW 
quorums are for Consistency" ?
I think high W/DW quorums will ensure effectiveness of Partition 
Tolerance of the read requests in the future.
When reading, if we have high R quorums the Partition Tolerance is lower.

I tried to list each configuration on each operation, could you correct 
it where i am wrong .
N=3, R=1 :: A,P
N=3, R=3 :: C
N=1, R=1 :: A
N=3, W=3 :: C
N=3, W=1 :: A,P
N=1, W=1 :: A


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