Some questions about Riak Search and Riak itself

Dmitry Demeshchuk demeshchuk at
Tue Oct 12 03:16:04 EDT 2010


I took some time today in the morning to try Riak Search and got some questions:

1. I tried to put some Erlang terms into Riak bucket that is being
indexed by Riak Search. I hoped that key-value lists like this

      {"name", <<"John Doe">>},
      {"location", <<"unknown">>},
      {"age", 64}

will be indexed as they can be considered as columns list (and they
are almost just like JSON decoded by mochijson2:decode() ).
However, when I tried to put them, I got a pre-commit hook error:

DEBUG: riak_indexed_doc:196 - "{ expected_binaries , InFieldName , FieldValue }"

Is there a way to send Erlang proplists into Riak and process them
using Riak Search? Our model isn't very good for storing raw JSON
because generally we need to perform additional operations with the
values (filter some fields, change them and so on).

2. Is there a way to query Erlang buckets indexes using any other APIs
than REST API? The only way to query the bucket I found was


and my attempts of using Riak Search shell and Erlang API just failed.

3. Is there a way to write custom analyzers in non-java languages? I
saw the same question and found an answer that analyzer automatically
tries to start JVM for its needs. The problem is that we don't have
good Java and JVM developers so it would be better to use some other
solutions (like OCaml or even C, for example). Also, I'm kinda
suspicious about Java analyzers performance.

4. Do you have any tips and advice about working with Unicode in Riak Search?

Thank you.

Best regards,
Dmitry Demeshchuk

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