Riak Recap for Oct 11 - 12

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Afternoon, Evening, Morning to all,

Grab a beer/coffee/cup of tea and settle in for an exciting read.
Today's Recap is exceptional: we have no less than four blog posts,
new slides, upcoming presos and more.

** You'll notice there are no Gists from #riak in today's Recap. This
is not for lack of content. It's due to just the opposite, actually.
The release of 0.13 and Search gave way to some great conversations in
#riak but I wanted to make sure I got this Recap out before it was too
late and decided to leave that content out due to lack of writing time
today. But, there is some good stuff in the logs, so I would urge you
to go read them if you have a moment:


That said, if you happen to read the logs and you happen to think
there are any convos or orphaned questions in there worth putting on
the list, definitely Gist them up and send them out to everyone.



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Riak Recap for Oct 11 - 12

1) Fresh off his presentation at NYC NoSQL, Alexander Siculars
(@siculars) will be doing another talk on Riak! This one is at the
NYC.js meetup and will be on Riak and the Riak-js, the node library
for Riak.  This is happening tomorroe (Oct 14th) at 7PM.

Details here ---> http://groups.google.com/group/nycjs/msg/724c62ad1f3e21cf

Original tweet here ---> http://twitter.com/#!/siculars/status/27131690951

Thanks for representing, Alexander!

2) Myself and Rusty Klophaus will be at the Strangeloop conference
tomorrow and Friday in St. Louis. Rusty will be giving a talk called
"Riak: From Small to Large." If you're around and want to grab a drink
and talk about technology, email me.

Rusty's talk details are here ---> http://strangeloop2010.com/talks/14453

3) There were a flurry of blog posts that appeared about Riak Search
after its release on Monday:

3.1) Alain O'dea (@alainodea) wrote up a quick post called, "Riak, now
with Search." This is a great little overview of that starts with
configuring several buckets in Riak for indexing in Search and then
takes you through doing some queries.

Post here ---> http://concise-software.blogspot.com/2010/10/riak-now-with-search.html

3.2) Joe Lambert wrote a post called "Riak/Riak Search: Setting bucket
props and custom extractors" for his blog Seg Fault. As the title
eludes to, this one is all about setting bucket props and custom
extractors. Another short but great read!

Post here ---> http://www.megarockv.com/2010/10/13/riakriak-search-setting-bucket-props-and-custom-extractors/

3.3) Mathias Meyer (@roidrage) wrote up a post for his blog entitled,
"Why Riak Search Matters..." This is a an awesome piece.

Post here ---> http://www.paperplanes.de/2010/10/12/why_riak_search_matters.html

4) Rusty Klophaus posted his slide deck from the recent Riak Core talk
he gave at the CUFP conference.

Slides are here --->

5) Looks like the Homebrew install for Riak has been brought up to
speed with the 0.13 changes.


h/t to Preston Marshall (@bbhoss) for helping out here!

6) OJ (@TheColonial) posted the third piece in his series about
development with Webmachin, ErlyDTL and Riak. To quote @russelldb [1]
, this is turning "into an in-depth and comprehensive series on erlang
web dev." It's long, but it's _worth_ it!

Post here ---> http://bit.ly/9j2Zp2
[1] ---> http://twitter.com/#!/russelldb/status/27216352323

7) Rusty responded to a comment on the Basho Blog from jpartogi asking
"What is the reason for using Java for some bits in riak-search?" Some
of you might be interested in the response.

Post and comment here --->

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