have a new node take over the role of a downed, unrecoverable node?

Jesse Newland jesse at railsmachine.com
Sat Oct 16 14:54:48 EDT 2010

I'm running through some disaster scenarios before bringing a riak cluster into production, and have run into a scenario that I can't work through the proper resolution for just yet:

Say an ec2 instance that was a part of a ring went away quickly, and data from it was unrecoverable.

How might I go about telling the rest of the ring that a new instance that I've brought up should take over the vnodes that were on that old instance? This sounds like a job for `riak-admin reip`, but after running `reip downed_node new_node`, `riak-admin ringready` still shows that the old nodes are a part of the ring and down. I guess what I'd like to do is a posthumeous `leave`?


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Jesse Newland
jesse at railsmachine.com

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