Riak Search performance experiences ?

Neville Burnell neville.burnell at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 18:32:55 EDT 2010

Hi Rusty,

Thanks for your reply,

I'm keen to hear any Riak Search deployment experiences you or your beta
testers are willing to share.

Please, do tell !!!

Kind Regards


On 19 October 2010 05:36, Rusty Klophaus <rusty at basho.com> wrote:

> Hi Neville,
> Thanks! Performance comparisons are tricky business. Any time you compare a
> distributed system to a non-distributed system on a single machine, the
> non-distributed system is going to be much, much faster simply because it
> can skip all of the overhead needed to make the system distributed.
> So for 1M 1K docs, which can easily fit on one machine, Lucene will be much
> faster. A more apples-to-apples question, and one we haven't benchmarked
> yet, is how Riak Search compares to something like ElasticSearch. I expect
> each system to have it's own unique strengths and weaknesses depending on
> the type of documents, the ratio of reads-to-writes, the number of replicas,
> and the type of failure scenarios that are tested.
> We haven't done much comparison with distributed Lucene projects yet
> because Riak Search is first and foremost intended to be a tightly
> integration index into Riak KV data. The Solr interface is a nice bonus. It
> helps users familiar with Solr get started with Riak Search more easily and
> it gives users an additional way to access there data, so it is something we
> will continue to enhance over future releases.
> Best,
> Rusty
> On Wed, Oct 13, 2010 at 11:22 PM, Neville Burnell <
> neville.burnell at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Congratulations on releasing Riak Search - effectively implementing Lucene
>> and Solr in Erlang is a great effort!
>> Since Riak Search has been in use for some time with beta testers, I'm
>> wondering if Basho might share some performance insights, especially if its
>> possible to compare customers who were using Solr and have switched to Riak
>> Search, which would be our use case.
>> For example,  would Riak Search performance be comparable to Solr over say
>> 1M 1K docs, assuming sufficient RAM and fast disk ?
>> Thanks for any performance insights from your beta testing experiences
>> Kind Regards
>> Neville
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