debugging javascript?

Jon Brisbin jon at
Tue Oct 19 17:20:46 EDT 2010

Couldn't find much on this out in the wild, so I'm assuming I'm not looking for the right things.

I'm trying to figure out Riak's MapReduce using the Ruby client. I can't seem to get even the simplest map/reduce to work:

function(v){ var o = JSON.parse(v.values[0].data); return [o]; }

So I thought I'd log what I was doing inside this function. I could not, for the life of me, find a reference for the available Javascript functions, objects, etc... that are available so I can do some debugging.

What tools are available to me within a map/reduce function? There seems to be some conflicting information, particularly regarding a "Riak" object that I've seen referenced online. Couldn't find any docs on it, though.

Thanks ahead of time!

(sitting around waiting on SpringOne 2GX to start)

J. Brisbin

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