Python client issue - hanging on

Jonah Crawford jonah at
Sat Oct 23 12:15:52 EDT 2010

I'm using the following code in the python interpreter to make a few tests of the python client: 

>>> import riak
>>> client = riak.RiakClient('', 8098)
>>> mybucket = client.bucket('mybucket')
>>> obj ='myobject')
>>> obj.set_data({ 'foo': 1, 'bar': 2})
<riak.riak_object.RiakObject object at 0x5dffd0>

In app.config for Riak Core config lists  {web_port, 8098 } so I'm assuming i'm hitting the right port.

Anyways once I (commit?) the interpreter never returns.

Any suggestions what I'm doing wrong ? I'm using the brew install of riak.

Here's how riak's running:

 4944   ??  S      0:00.04 /usr/local/Cellar/riak/0.13.0/libexec/erts-5.8.1/bin/run_erl -daemon /tmp//usr/local/Cellar/riak/0.13.0/libexec// /usr/local/Cellar/riak/0.13.0/libexec/log exec /usr/local/Cellar/riak/0.13.0/libexec/bin/riak console
 4965   ??  S      0:01.13 /usr/local/Cellar/riak/0.13.0/libexec/erts-5.8.1/bin/epmd -daemon
34484 s000  S+     0:06.45 python -i
 4945 s005  Ss+    1:30.68 /usr/local/Cellar/riak/0.13.0/libexec/erts-5.8.1/bin/beam.smp -K true -A 64 -- -root /usr/local/Cellar/riak/0.13.0/libexec -progname riak -- -home /Users/jbernier -- -boot /usr/local/Cellar/riak/0.13.0/libexec/releases/0.13.0/riak -embedded -config /usr/local/Cellar/riak/0.13.0/libexec/etc/app.config -name nona at -setcookie riak -- console

And from the lsof I see:

beam.smp   4945       jbernier    8u  IPv4 0x0503b6b0      0t0    TCP *:64456 (LISTEN)
beam.smp   4945       jbernier   13u  IPv4 0x0508f334      0t0    TCP *:8099 (LISTEN)
beam.smp   4945       jbernier   14u  IPv4 0x04f37304      0t0    TCP (LISTEN)
beam.smp   4945       jbernier   17u  IPv4 0x04f37b1c      0t0    TCP (LISTEN)
epmd       4965           jbernier    3u  IPv4 0x0503bec8      0t0    TCP *:epmd (LISTEN)

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