RiakSearch Performance Test 01

Prometheus WillSurvive prometheus.willsurvive at gmail.com
Mon Oct 25 07:58:52 EDT 2010

Hi there,

I am trying to make some stress test and want to see behaivour of the riaksearch. 

My setup: 

3 riak search machine :

1x 8 cores 8 gig  
1x2 core  8 gig
1x2 core 2 gig  

An there is another machine for load balance (nginx)

I indexed 150K document (from web . )  I made test via Jmeter  sendign request like  ..../solr/testdata/select?start=0&rows=10&..

first test :

Sending queries to the only  1x8 core machines...  25 threads from Jmeter...

I got aprox: 50 q/ps   and cpu utilization around %85  no io. 

When I send the request to the load balance machine which it is distributing queries above server ( 8 cores machines weight = 20 ps) I got:

44 qps...

So it is telling someting to me but i am not clear...  Is riak search also routing request as load balancer does ?  

Any idea about above situation  ? 

I want to make test via wikipedia also with  million doc..  By the way is there any parser for wikipedia to submit riaksearch ? 


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