Riak Recap for Oct 27 - 28

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Afternoon, Evening, Morning to All,

Here's a quality Recap to take you into the weekend: Riak jobs, new
python client code, presentations, slides decks, drink-ups, Gists and



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Riak Recap for Oct 27 - 28

1) @darrenrush is looking for people with Riak experience ("installed
riak noSQL for development or experimentation") in the LA area.

Original tweet here ---> http://twitter.com/darrenrush/statuses/29101672756

2)  For those of you Python users out there, Daniel Lindsley added
``get_keys`` to the ``RiakPbcTransport`` class in the Riak Python
Client. This code is now in tip.

Riak Python Client and commit details on GitHub --->

Thanks, Daniel!

3) Basho CTO Justin Sheehy will be talking about Basho and Riak at the
Cloud Innovation Showcase happening in Boston on Nov. 10th.

Details here --->

4) The Riak Meetup was held last night at the Engine Yard offices in
San Francisco. Thanks to all who came out for it!

Kevin Smith's slides from his "Riak MapReduce: A Story in Three Acts"
talk are here ---> http://www.slideshare.net/hemulen/riak-mapred-preso

5) Basho is co-hosting a drinkup with the Heroku team on Wednesday
night of next week in San Francisco.

They posted some details about in on their blog here --->

I'll be posting some more on Monday.

6) For anyone who is going to be at QCON next, a) let me know so we
can meet up and talk about Riak, and b) go see Andy's talk on Riak

Details here --->

7) It looks like @j_brisbin is hard at work on Riak support for Grails ORM.


I'm sure he wouldn't mind a hand if anyone is up for it...

8) Scott Gonyea (@acts_as) added some content to the Indexing section
of the Riak Search wiki docs.

Check out his additions here --->

9) Basho COO Tony Falco and VP of Engineering Andy Gross will be
joining Joyent for a webinar focusing on NoSQL solutions.

Details and registration here --->

 10) reiddrapper, justinsheehy, chids, _sri and bingeldac had a brief
chat about Riak Search basics.

Gist here ---> http://gist.github.com/654652

11) jlouis, hemulen and ericflo had a very short convo that started
with, "A bucket has 868497 keys in it. Is there a way to run a mapred
query over
the whole bucket without calling list_keys(Bucket) first to generate a
list of size 868497 and then consume it straight after? "

Gist here --- >http://gist.github.com/654659

12) notbehn, ericflo and technoweenie had a quick exchange about what
links can do in Riak.

Gist here ---> http://gist.github.com/654668

13)  Q --- Anyone got any off the shelf tips diagnosing:
system_memory_high_watermark? (from chids via #riak)

       A --- "To answer my own question, read the sasl log as well..."
(from chids via #riak)

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