RiakSearch Backend Innostore ?

Prometheus WillSurvive prometheus.willsurvive at gmail.com
Sat Oct 30 11:51:04 EDT 2010


From the wiki : 

Riak Search is comprised of:

	• Riak Core - Dynamo-inspired distributed-systems framework
	• Riak KV - Distributed Key/Value store inspired by Amazon's Dynamo.
		• Bitcask - Default storage backend used by Riak KV.
	• Riak Search - Distributed index and full-text search engine.
		• Merge Index - Storage backend used by Riak Search.
		• Qilr - Library for parsing queries into execution plans and documents into terms.
		• Riak Solr - Adds a subset of Solr HTTP interface capabilities to Riak Search.

Can we use Innostore for RiakSearch ?  what is the performance comparison for search backends ?  Any information will be valuable. 



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