RiakSearch Reached Its Limit and gave below Error ..

Prometheus WillSurvive prometheus.willsurvive at gmail.com
Sun Oct 31 04:23:40 EDT 2010


We started  a batch index test (wikipedia)  when we reached around 600K docs  system gave below error..  Any idea ? 

We can not index any more doc in this index.

=ERROR REPORT==== 31-Oct-2010::10:22:42 ===
** Too many db tables **

DEBUG: riak_search_dir_indexer:197 - "{ error , Type , Error , erlang : get_stacktrace ( ) }"


=ERROR REPORT==== 31-Oct-2010::10:22:44 ===
Error in process <0.22187.14> on node 'riaksearch at' with exit value: {system_limit,[{riak_search_dir_indexer,worker_loop,5}]}

RPC to 'riaksearch at' failed: {'EXIT',

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