Riak Recap for 9/20 - 9/21

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Wed Sep 22 11:52:40 EDT 2010

Morning, Afternoon, Evening to all,

For today's Recap: Upcoming presentations and meetups, new repos, some
great Q and A, and some excellent Gists from #riak.



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Riak Recap for 9/20 - 9/21

1) Basho Hacker Rusty Klophaus (@rklophaus) will be talking at the
upcoming CUFP conference taking place in Baltimore, MD on October 2nd.

More details here --->

2) More Klophaus news: Rusty was already slated to give a talk
entitled "Riak: From Small to Large" ---
http://strangeloop2010.com/talks/14453 --- StrangeLoop in October.
He's just informed me that he'll also be part of a "Non-Relational
Data Stores" Panel happening on the 15th.

Details here (heckling is encouraged)  --->

2) Chuck Ha posted the very beginnings of something called "Riak-blog"
on GitHub. The description is pretty great: "A blog engine in node.js
with Riak as the database. Can you say overkill?"

Check it out and contribute here ---> http://github.com/ggnextmap/riak-blog

3) The Downloads page on basho.com got a facelift thanks to Sean
Cribbs and a few great suggestions from Benjamin Black (@b6n).

All the Riak that is fit to download ---> downloads.basho.com

4) hiredman, seancribbs and moonpolysoft had a super brief
conversation about how to robustify against net splits between nodes
and how to detect such splits.

Gist here ---> http://gist.github.com/591763

5) Q --- How does Riak generate a key? Is it predictable if you can
guess the contents, or is it random? And is that method likely to
change? (from misaka via #riak)

   A --- It's a hash of a random number with the current time. This is
not likely to change anytime soon.

The code responsible for the key generation is here, starting with
"unique_id_62" on line 127 --->


6) seancribbs, timmorgan, technoweenie and amerine had a great
conversation about bulk insertion into riak, the protocol buffer
interface, and node.js+riak.

Gist here ---> http://gist.github.com/591780

7) ericflo mentioned in #riak that he is looking forward to
technoweenie's upcoming talk. Which reminded me to reming you: if
you're in or around San Francisco and haven't cleared your schedule in
order to attend the Riak Meetup tomorrow night, do so immediately.

Details here --->

8) troubled, seancribbs, and benblack had a brief conversation that
started with trouble shooting Riak-related firewall issues and then
drifted into some things to consider when porting a MySQL app and the
related queries to Riak.

Gist here ---> http://gist.github.com/591804

9) Q --- I heard that the Masterless multi-site replication is a paid
feature. Is that the feature for auto-scaling? (from jpartogi_ via

    A --- Masterless multi-site replication is a paid feature, but
this is not the same as "auto-scaling." With the OSS version of Riak
you can have one cluster with as many nodes as you like/need and
replication is automatic and fully functional. If you wish to have
more than one cluster with replication between them, this is paid
feature.  The breakdown is here --->
http://www.basho.com/enterpriseds.html . You can also email
dean at basho.com with any specific questions re: pricing and features.

10 ) ericflo, jpartogi_, technoweenie and joseph_sh had a worthwhile
exchange about using Riak in production and some of the use cases they
are working on.

Gist here ---> http://gist.github.com/591899

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