Strange results from numerical range query in Riak Search

Mike Stoddart stodge at
Mon Apr 4 21:14:34 EDT 2011

I'm installing the lakes/celtics twitter data linked through Basho's
site. I can get some basic text searches to work, but I'm seeing some
weird results from numerical range queries:

search_query ='stuff', 'followers:[140 TO 150]')

Name:Kevin Shpunt Term:lakers Followers:146
Name:Carlos Ordonez Term:lakers Followers:15
Name:Kelvin Shortt Jr Term:lakers,celtics Followers:140
Name:Stanley T. Davis Term:lakers Followers:15
Name:John Robertson Term:lakers Followers:141
Name:Steven Wineglass Term:lakers Followers:1493
Name:Badral Jambal Term:lakers Followers:1432

Am I doing something wrong?


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