riak/riak_core and memory caching

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Riak has no built-in caching of keys, but Bitcask (which is the default storage engine) will use up as much filesystem cache as you can give it, effectively giving you in-memory caching without having to specifically implement it.  If you want something a bit more explicit, Innostore (which uses Embedded InnoDB) lets you set how much RAM you want to consume for caching disk pages.  In general, we have found Bitcask to be performant under more production conditions than Innostore.

Whether you need to cache items in your application is a different concern, largely based on your performance needs. I'd suggest modeling and benchmarking typical requests from your application to determine whether you need a caching layer between your app and Riak.

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On Apr 5, 2011, at 7:33 PM, Mike Oxford wrote:

> Does Riak or riak_core do any memory caching of the database on a per-partition level?
> eg, MachineX has 3 partitions on it... does it cache those partitions in memory for access or pull them off storage each time?
> eg, will I need to hook in a memcache-like sytem/layer on top of it, since RAM access is faster than storage mediums?
> Thanks!
> -mox
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