Updating bucket search schema

Gordon Tillman gtillman at mezeo.com
Wed Apr 6 15:39:34 EDT 2011

Howdy Gang,

During our various development iterations I have had to alter the schema that riaksearch uses for our application's bucket.  I have noticed that when I do that -- when I assign a new schema to a bucket -- even if I completely purge all data and then repopulate the bucket -- the new schema is not used.  For a new schema to be used I have to perform the following steps:

1. purge bucket
2. install  new schema
3. stop/start Riak cluster
4. repopulate

So question - is there some kind of run-time attribute I can set or whatever that will force Riaksearch to use the new schema when indexing data that is stored -- without having to restart the cluster?

Many thanks,


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