When's the PBC API going to be brought up to snuff?

Jon Meredith jmeredith at basho.com
Wed Apr 6 16:54:23 EDT 2011

Hi Bryan/Jon,

Thanks for the feedback on the PBC API.  I attended Bryan's talk at Erlang
Factory so had already taken onboard some of his requests.

We've added entries to our internal task tracker to investigate adding the
suggestions in your emails.  We also have tasks logged for improving bucket
properties over PBC which is another pain point.

Hopefully the work will take place soon, barring any significant

Jon Meredith
Basho Technologies.

On Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 6:45 AM, Jon Brisbin <jon at jbrisbin.com> wrote:

> On Apr 5, 2011, at 5:41 PM, Bryan O'Sullivan wrote:
> > I'm developing a rather performance-sensitive app against Riak, and while
> the PBC API has much better raw performance than the REST API, it is
> sufficiently crippled in numerous ways as to be of quite limited use. This
> is somewhat frustrating, as notionally simple operations such as a
> conditional PUT ("don't put this value if the key is already present") are
> tricky to achieve with the PBC API,
> Maybe use a validating pre-commit hook?
> > and slightly more complex operations ("get if modified since I last
> checked") are impossible.
> I agree on this one. It would be great to have the equivalent of
> HEAD/If-None-Match in the PBC API. Actually even just providing a HEAD type
> request in the PBC API would be great. I can think of numerous situations
> where I'd like to inspect the metadata without having to mess with the
> content.
> Thanks!
> Jon Brisbin
> http://jbrisbin.com
> Twitter: @j_brisbin
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