Retrying requests to Riak

Wilson MacGyver wmacgyver at
Thu Apr 7 23:41:35 EDT 2011

you can still set each of the haproxy to ping each riak node and do
the remove automatically.

your app can handle failure by retry on timeout, since you have it set
to round robin. the next retry
will hit a working node.

On Thu, Apr 7, 2011 at 11:27 PM, Greg Nelson <grourk at> wrote:
> I don't want to have a single load balancer because I want to avoid a single
> point of failure.  And we'll be pushing enough data that it would be a huge
> bottleneck.
> A failed node will not receive new requests, but when the requests that were
> sent to it fail I'd like to retry those automatically instead of having
> errors bubble up to our application.

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