Riak Java Client 0.14.1 released

Russell Brown russell.brown at mac.com
Mon Apr 11 15:55:53 EDT 2011

I pushed the 0.14.1 release of the Riak Java Client to maven central today.

If you are using the 0.14 Protocol Buffers client you definitely want to upgrade since this release fixes a couple of bugs with that. Just bump your maven dependancy to 0.14.1.

There are also a few improvements in thread safety/encapsulation for both clients (REST and PB) as well as a heap more test coverage in preparation for a the refactor and new API design that is going on now.

Full change log here (https://github.com/basho/riak-java-client/blob/riak-client-0.14.1/CHANGELOG)

Thanks to Erik Soe Sorensen and Dr Kresten Krab for their contributions, and to those who have given feedback/ideas/responses on and off this list. There's a lot more brewing...

Let me know if you have any trouble/comments/feedback.


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