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Mike Oxford moxford at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 20:34:58 EDT 2011

On a given Riak ring we already know that the majority of the buckets will
*not* "live locally" when a request comes in to a given ring member.

Now, obviously the more machines you have the greater the chance poor
locality for that particular dataset.

A request comes in to node 1 of a 500 node ring; most of the other nodes
will end up doing the work due to data locality ... so how much
overhead does the "request node" incur above and beyond the other nodes?
 (Numbers are completely arbitrary; I know 500 is a bit high.)

Has anyone modelled this, or run load tests against this?

Moreover, has anyone looked at the "load" of a system with a single
access-point vs a system with fully-meshed access points?  As your ring-size
grows at what point do you stop load-balancing against every node and is
there a known "magic" for how many access points work best?

I don't see anything on Google, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist
somewhere ... anyone know?


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