riak as log storage

Alessandro Testa a.testa at rocketmail.com
Thu Apr 14 04:48:31 EDT 2011

hi guys,
i'm try to design a log storage based on riak.
the requiment are:
1 the system needs to be able to store any number of these log event
2 the system needs to be able to apply a label to some of these event
3 the user can access the most recent log, and then can go back in time (cannot 
decide to start in the middle of the list or look for a specific event)
4 the user can filter the log based on the label and access the filtered list in 
with the same parameter as point 3

my idea is to store each event as a json document, the key of the document will 
be a uuid (type1). each document will be linked to the previous one, so i can 
follow the link to view the previus log.

i want to add also other links that point to the previous event marked with the 
same label.

i hope i explain enough the problem and the design.

now my questions:
- do you think this is a good architecture?
- i read about luwak, do you think it can be used in a scenario like this?

thank, i really hope to get some feedback from you!

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