Poor write performance with Perl

Brian Lycett brian.lycett at ratedpeople.com
Thu Apr 14 11:13:20 EDT 2011


I've set up a three node Riak cluster on some decent hardware as
specified in the basic cluster setup guide.

I wanted to get a rough idea of performance before tuning the cluster to
my needs, so I've written a Perl script that inserts a sample set of the
sort of data I might be using Riak for; a compressed email body of a few
KB in size each, going into one of two buckets.
I'm using the Net::Riak Perl module to insert the data.

The trouble is, I'm getting very bad performance.  Using three threads
and writing to all three nodes at the same time, I might be able to
insert 100 rows/second.  Using a single thread & server, I'm lucky to
get 25 rows/second.

The servers themselves are hardly doing anything - barely any CPU load
or disk activity.

Is this a problem with the Net::Riak module?  Or is there something I
need to do outside of the basic setup guide that'll vastly improve the
write speed?



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