building on FreeBSD?

Andrew Thompson andrew at
Thu Apr 14 12:40:29 EDT 2011

On Thu, Apr 14, 2011 at 09:34:26AM -0700, David Leimbach wrote:
> 1. GNUMakefile instead of Makefile
This would work if we added a regular Makefile that invoked GNU make
because GNU make looks for GNUMakefile first.
> 2. Allow overriding the configuration
Rebar doesn't support this, to my knowledge.
> 3. Platform specific include files for configuration based on uname.
Not sure how this would work.

> I've only just started bumping into this problem, so I'm sure you guys are a
> bit ahead of me :-).

I think you're about as far in as I am at this point, so not really.

> My biggest concern is getting the changes upstream so a port is not
> necessary.

Or at least make it so a port is trivial to create without a bunch of
custom patching.

I'm going to spend 5 minutes and try the GNUMakefile trick and see if it


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