Random questions

Ben Tilly btilly at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 15:47:28 EDT 2011

The first is that I've heard that there is a limit to the size of the
headers that can be sent using the http interface and therefore the
number of links that you can use.  Is this true, and if so does anyone
know what the limit is?

My second question is this.  It seems that if accesses are configured
so that writes go to a quorum, and reads also comes from a quorum,
then once a write is reported as complete, a read is close to
guaranteed to come back with that write.  How reliable is this
behavior?  I'm sure that there are boundary cases around a machine
joining in the same window that the write/read is happening, but I'd
like to know what they are.

My third question is how bad an idea people think it is to try to get
some form of atomic behavior from Riak by locking important read/write


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