Riak Recap for April 15 - 17

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Mon Apr 18 18:47:36 EDT 2011

Afternoon, Evening, Morning to All -

Here's a short Recap from the last few days: a new Riak Meetup in NYC,
a boatload of Riak Jobs, and more.

(Note: the service we use to log #riak is currently down, so apologies
for the lack of Gists and Q & A in today's Recap.)



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Riak Recap for April 15 - 17

1) Sean Cribbs released version v0.9.3 of Ripple and riak-client Gems.

* Details here ---> https://twitter.com/seancribbs/status/59973432896532480

2)  A new Riak meetup has just been formed in NYC. (Huge thanks to
Paul Fisher and Brent Hargrave for organizing!)

If you're in/around NYC, check this out ---> http://www.meetup.com/NoSQL-Riak/

3) Basho Developer Advocate Grant Schofield (@schofield) will be at
Red Dirt Ruby Conference later this week in Oklahoma City. Look him up
if you're planning to be there.

* Conf. details here ---> http://reddirtrubyconf.com/

4) Lots of jobs where Riak knowledge and experience will come in handy.

* Ruby SproutCore Software Developer in NYC w/ Riak Experience --->
* Site Reliability Engineer at StumbleUpon --->
* Distributed Computing SE at Yammer --->
* Java/Scala Developer in NYC --->
* Senior DBA in San Francisco ---> http://bit.ly/fuuW29
* Java Developer in Atlanta, Georgia --->
* "NoSQL Developer" in Cupertino, CA ---> http://bit.ly/hdwKz1
* Sr. ROR Developer in NYC ---> http://bit.ly/fg9fFR
* Java Developer in Palo Alto, CA --->

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