search-cmd set-schema issue

Muhammad Yousaf muhammad.yousaf at
Mon Apr 18 21:04:12 EDT 2011

I dont  know why i am getting that error while setting my schema 
$ search-cmd set_schema player /home/yousaf/index/p.txt Attempting to restart script through sudo -u riak
 :: Updating schema for 'player'... :: ERROR: Could not read '/home/yousaf/index/p.txt'.RPC to 'riak at' failed: {'EXIT',-1}

and i checked everything its working like 
(client at> {ok, Pid} = riakc_pb_socket:start_link("", 8087).{ok,<0.39.0>}(client at> riakc_pb_socket:ping(Pid).   pong(client at> RiakNode='riak at'.'riak at'(client at> net_adm:ping(RiakNode).pong

why cannot i set my schema any idea how can i fix this error ??

Muhammad Yousaf

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