riaksearch + mapreduce cannot query more than 20K entries

Grant Schofield grant at basho.com
Fri Apr 22 09:01:42 EDT 2011

You need to increase the amount of memory allotted to the JS VMs, the relevant setting is js_thread_stack in the riak_kv section of your app.config. I would suggest increasing this to 32 or 64 to start, you may always want to increase the heap size as well as the number of VMs. You can find more information on the settings here:

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On Apr 22, 2011, at 12:10 AM, khyqo wrote:

> i am having some trouble in querying more than 20K entries.. when i tried to query around 100K entries, i got empty array.. but when i tried around 60K entries, i got "InternalError: script stack space quota is exhausted".. are there any tweaks that i could apply or anything that i should do that would allow me to query around a million or more entries at a time? btw, i am using php..
> please advice.. thank you in advance..
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