Riak Recap for April 22 - 24

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Mon Apr 25 20:11:58 EDT 2011

Evening, Morning, Afternoon to All -

For today's Recap: new code, meetups, and a blog post.



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Riak Recap for April 22 - 24

1) Kresten Krab Thorup (@drkrab) released riak_btree_backend, a
backend for Riak based on couch_btree.

* Repo on GitHub here ---> https://github.com/krestenkrab/riak_btree_backend

Thanks, Kresten!

2) Bob Ippolito (@etrepum) and Mochi Media released some new code
called "Statebox" which is an "Erlang state "monad" with
merge/conflict-resolution capabilities. As the README explains,
"statebox is a data structure you can use with an eventually
consistent system such as Riak to resolve conflicts between siblings
in a deterministic manner."

* On GitHub here --->  https://github.com/mochi/statebox

Thanks, Bob!

3) Jean-Baptiste Barth (@jbbarth) wrote another great blog post on
Riak. This one is called, "Basic usage of Riak in Rails."

* Read here ---> http://jbbarth.com/archives/2011/4/23/basic_usage_of_riak_in/

Thanks, JB!

4) Basho is sponsoring an event called "GeekSessions 2.1: Data
Scalability - SQL or NoSQL?" This is happening Tuesday, May 03, 2011
at 6PM. Come out and have a few drinks on us while debating databases.

* Registration and event details here ---> http://gs21-estw.eventbrite.com/

5)There is still time to register for Dan Reverri's Riak Search talk
at the Bay Area Riak Meetup. It's happening Wednesday, 4/27, at IGN in
Downtown San Francisco.  (Not that it matters to anyone, but the beer
and pizza will of course be on us...)

* Details here --->

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