Riak Recap for April 25 - 26

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Wed Apr 27 23:01:48 EDT 2011

Evening, Morning, After to All

For today's Recap: Talks, more Riak and RabbitMQ code, jobs, Riak
spotted in Cambodia, and more.



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Riak Recap for April 25 - 26

1)  Another bit of news for those of you going to Erlang Factory: Tony
Falco, Basho's COO, will be giving a presentation called, '"Erlang,
huh? Isn't that Swedish for 'You're screwed?'" - Myths and Facts About
Erlang and Startups." This one is sure to be memorable.

* Details here --->

2) Jon Brisbin continues to do great work with Riak and RabbitMQ.

* Latest code enhancements here --->

3) For anyone who happens to be in or around Brisbane, Australia: OJ
Reeves (@thecolonial) will be giving a Riak presentation at the
Brisbane Alt.Net Monthly Meetup on May 4th.

* Details here --->

Thanks, OJ!

4) On the topic of presentations: if anyone is planning on giving a
Riak talk/demo/etc, we have logos on the wiki here

5) Congratulations are in order for Chris Duesing (@simergence) and
Exchangery, who just announce a round of funding. (Rumor has it that
they are running Webmachine and Riak under the hood.)

* Funding news ---> http://mashable.com/2011/04/27/excelerate-labs/
* Exchangery site ---> http://theexchangery.com/

Congrats, Chris!

6) Q --- Howdy ! What is pbc_connects_total in the output of
riak-admin status ? (from ben6 via #riak)

    A --- The total number of PB connections since server started.

7) Riak was spotted in Cambodia.

* Details here ---> http://twitter.com/#!/jlambert310/status/62380649885081601

8) One new job opportunity to pass along today:

* Sr. Java Developer in Atlanta, Georgia --->

9) Kyle Kingsbury's Ruby ORM "Risky" was bumped to version 0.1.3.

* Latest code here ---> https://github.com/aphyr/risky

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