Bitcask vs innostore, again

matthew hawthorne mhawthorne at
Thu Apr 28 23:07:41 EDT 2011

hi dmitry,

comments below:

On Thu, Apr 7, 2011 at 12:30 AM, Dmitry Demeshchuk <demeshchuk at> wrote:
> What I haven't heard about bitcask yet is any production success
> stories. Which storage does Wikia use, for example? Or Vibrant Media?

> So, I look for stories of at least 2-3 months experience of using
> bitcask, with 10-20GB total data or larger. What problems have you
> faced? Have you managed to solve them? What advantages have you got
> using bitcask compared to innostore? Any details of the data sets you
> use(updates/deletes/puts frequency, keys/buckets number, etc)? Do you
> use any other backends along with bitcask?

I work for Comcast Interactive Media, and we've been using Riak (with
Bitcask) as the primary data store for one of our production systems
for about 6 months.  another group at Comcast recently launched a
Riak/Bitcask cluster into production also, but I don't know the
details of their setup.

we're storing well over 20GB of data, with a significant amount of
load, although nothing insane.  we've had zero problems -- our only
issue is a lack of visibility into our keyspace since we use a single
Riak bucket and are hesitant to list all of our keys via HTTP.  we're
working on a way to do that offline via directly scanning copies of
the Bitcask files.

we switched from Innostore to Bitcask at Basho's recommendation and it
seems like the right choice, even just to avoid the hassle of having
to build Innostore separately (and patch it since we use Solaris).

hopefully this helped.


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