Bulk loading data and "Could not contact Riak Server" error

Scott Lystig Fritchie fritchie at snookles.com
Wed Aug 3 15:17:20 EDT 2011

gtuhl <riak at uhls.com> wrote:

 > With Riak, my main challenge is getting this data loaded.  Using the
 > PHP library I am able to push 100-200 documents/sec.

A quick grep through the PHP client source suggests that that client
doesn't support the Protocol Buffers interface to Riak.  Depending on
the workload, a PB-based client is anywhere from 20% to several hundred
percent faster than an HTTP-based client.

You'll definitely want to run multiple clients in parallel, especially
if/when your cluster is larger than a single box: pointing those clients
at different cluster members will get you different throughput than
pointing all clients at a single cluster member.

Your message hadn't included any messages from the Riak server logs that
might give hints to why the HTTP service becomes unavailable ... but
it's likely that there's useful info there.


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