Riak scenarios

Jonathan Langevin jlangevin at loomlearning.com
Thu Aug 4 10:33:08 EDT 2011

It would be great to see Riak configuration & use scenarios, available
online (not just buried in the list somewhere).

One such scenario that I'd be interested in seeing, is a setup where you
have a Riak cluster with a specific node that is used for all reads/writes
of an application.
The idea is to ensure that the data is always online (via cluster), but also
ensure that you always have the latest version of your data (specific single
node read/write).
If this primary node goes down, then just switch the application to a new
primary node. That could occur via application logic or other solution that
exists between application and riak cluster.

To represent such a scenario as I've requested, someone would post their
suggested/recommended Riak config, client read config, client write config,
and any other relevant information, especially pros/cons and if they have in
fact used this configuration before (with[out] success).

It would be good to have a scenario wishlist, where someone lists what they
would like to see a usable configuration, which others can respond to with
their configuration / use case.

If Basho/Riak were interested in providing such a function to the community,
maybe to make this available sooner than later, it could be implemented via
the Wiki, with some basic guidelines?

This idea wouldn't need to exist exactly as I've presented it, just
something that achieves a similar goal would be quite useful.

Jonathan Langevin
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