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Joseph Wayne Norton norton at
Tue Aug 9 06:54:44 EDT 2011


I recently built and installed riak from source using the master branch  
and R14B03.  I have 2 questions regarding the riak repository.

Q1 - For a new installation, is there a missing mkdir for the data dir?
      OR is somewhere else the data directory being created before the  
automatic creation of the ssl_distribution.args_file file?

Q2 - I'm curious to learn of the reasons for keeping the pipe_dir  
underneath the /tmp/ directory by default.  I find it odd that it is not  
underneath the RUNNER_BASE_DIR like other directories.


- Joe N.

diff --git a/rel/files/riak b/rel/files/riak
index 4fa6830..46d8210 100755
--- a/rel/files/riak
+++ b/rel/files/riak
@@ -37,6 +37,9 @@ cd $RUNNER_BASE_DIR
  # Make sure log directory exists
  mkdir -p $RUNNER_LOG_DIR

+# Make sure data directory exists
+mkdir -p {{platform_data_dir}}
  # Extract the target node name from node.args
  NAME_ARG=`grep '\-[s]*name' $RUNNER_ETC_DIR/vm.args`
  if [ -z "$NAME_ARG" ]; then

diff --git a/rel/vars.config b/rel/vars.config
index 3be32f0..162ff70 100644
--- a/rel/vars.config
+++ b/rel/vars.config
@@ -46,5 +46,5 @@
  {runner_base_dir,    "${RUNNER_SCRIPT_DIR%/*}"}.
  {runner_etc_dir,     "$RUNNER_BASE_DIR/etc"}.
  {runner_log_dir,     "$RUNNER_BASE_DIR/log"}.
-{pipe_dir,           "/tmp/$RUNNER_BASE_DIR/"}.
+{pipe_dir,           "$RUNNER_BASE_DIR/tmp/"}.
  {runner_user,        ""}.

norton at

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