NoSQL combinations - what works best?

Jonathan Langevin jlangevin at
Tue Aug 9 12:13:33 EDT 2011

I'm already a huge fan of Riak after the short time that I've worked with
it, but a common concern I've seen is regarding performance.
To continue to take advantage of it's data persistence features, powerful
m/r functionality, etc, but to gain performance, I'm thinking of pairing my
application with another (throwaway) nosql solution that would exist to
provide greater read performance.

This inspiration comes from seeing others using MongoDB + MySQL, for
instance. I'm thinking using something such as Memcache, or
Membase<> (though
I haven't checked into setup requirements), may be a good option, as I'm
already accustomed to caching with Memcache from PHP, but I've not had any
large-scale experience with Memcache yet.
Ideally anything that is lightweight, easy to roll out, and extremely fast.

Before I venture down this road, are there any comments on this approach?
Any suggestions or recommendations?
Or are there speedy solutions available for Riak already?

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