Running riak on SunOS

Robert Leftwich riak at
Wed Aug 10 23:07:27 EDT 2011

On Wed, 10 Aug 2011 20:40 -0600, "Jared Morrow" <jared at> wrote:
> Regarding the creation of a 'buildbot' user that shouldn't be the case,
> so
> I'll create a task to look into it.

Great, thanks.

> Sorry that the package was
> misconfigured for your environment!  

Hard to cover every possibility. 
The completely silent failure mode made it hard to get traction,
spitting out some sort of error would be helpful, although reliably
detecting this category of problem is potentially non-trivial :-/

> BASHOriak-0.14.2-1-Solaris10-i386.pkg.gz<>
> package
> correct?


> I'm glad you got it all sorted out with Dan's help.

Ditto... looking forward to rolling riak out!



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