Throughput of read operations

Maria Neise maria.neise1 at
Fri Aug 12 05:23:14 EDT 2011

I am doing some benchmarks with Riak and set up a cluster with 6
server using Amazon EC2. On each server I have GB of data. I am using
Bitcask as backend and  the Java-API for my client. I have some
workloads with different proportion of operations, for example insert,
read and update. I started a workload with 95% read and 5% update and
achieved a throughput of 1207 operations/second. When I tried out
another workload with 100% read I only got 228 ops/sec. But I thought
Riak would be faster with reads than with updates. I would appreciate
if you could give me a hint, why Riak achieves a higher throughput
when doing updates and inserts mixed with reads.
Thank you in advance.

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