Anyone running Riak on FreeBSD?

TJ Ninneman tj at
Fri Aug 12 10:45:28 EDT 2011

> If no-one else steps forward, I'll attempt a FreeBSD build this weekend. FreeBSD used to be my primary server OS (until Ubuntu Server won me over), so I've got some familiarity there.

I'd also be willing to help out with this.  We've been running Riak on FreeBSD in production since the 0.12 release.  I had put together some instructions here:

It's a bit outdated but it's still the process we use here.  I could re-write it to be a bit more "wiki-ish".

> The scripts don't have any bashisms in them though, they work just fine under /bin/sh.

Andrew is right, bash isn't a requirement anymore so that's something I would also change.  Also, we have had trouble with R14 and have continued to use R13...but that's a challenge I could take on again.


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