Riak memory usage higher than expected

Nico Meyer nico.meyer at adition.com
Wed Aug 17 03:07:52 EDT 2011

Hi Jacques,

please read my reply back in May, which should clear things up:



On 16.08.2011 21:09, Jacques wrote:
> We're utilizing Riak 14.2 and we're seeing higher memory consumption
> than we expect.
> We're running on a 4 node cluster with each node housing 32gb of memory
> and are utilizing bitcask with a 3x write replication factor.  We're
> seeing faster growth than we expect and also seeing weird bounces update.
> You can see an example chart <http://picturepush.com/public/6331935>.
>   (note, there are sometimes where we've had to stop the job for short
> periods of time-- you can see these as flat spots).
> We are doing a large throttled import that has key sizes of
> approximately 12 bytes.  We're currently around 450mm unique items and
> riak memory consumption is ~110gb.  The input job is probably 95% new
> puts and 5% overwriting puts.
> According to the capacity planner tools, our key space should probably
> be about half what are actual memory consumption is.
> As you can see in the chart, we're also seeing jumps in memory size at
> random intervals.  What might these be?  Nothing interesting in the logs
> that I can see.  Regular merges.
> A close up <http://picturepush.com/public/6332084> of a recent jump in
> memory consumption for one of the nodes (they all look the same).  There
> are no corresponding distinct patterns within the cpu chart.  Things are
> pretty flat although we have more wait sometimes than we like (need more
> spindles clearly).
> Any helpful thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Jacques
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