GET vs map reduce

Wilson MacGyver wmacgyver at
Thu Aug 18 16:35:29 EDT 2011


I've been using map reduce to fake a bulk get.

I do a post against map reduce interface, using the following

[["bucket1", "k1"],
["bucket1", "k2"],
["bucket1", "k3"],
["bucket1", "k4"],
["bucket1", "k5"],
["bucket1", "k6"],
["bucket1", "k7"],
["bucket1", "k8"],
["bucket1", "k9"]
"query":[{"map":{"language":"javascript","source":"function(v) { return [v.key,v
.values[0].data]; }"}}]}

as you can see, it's very straight forward, I'm just passing the list
of buckets and keys, and
then return them.

I also set the R to 1.

it's been working fine. but lately, as traffic begin to increase, we
started seeing time out errors
on the map reduce call. the strange thing is, if I issue GET on each
key, results are coming back
without any problem.

are there any subtle differences between GET vs map reduce that I'm
not understanding?


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