riak_kv_cache_backend config questions

Tony Bussieres t.bussieres at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 09:49:56 EDT 2011

Hi all,

Could someone explain with an example what's the difference between :


Does the value of riak_kv_backend_max_ttl is also in seconds?

Here's a snippet from the documentation found at

   - *riak_kv_cache_backend*
   A backend that behaves as an LRU-with-timed-expiry cache
      - *riak_kv_cache_backend_memory*
      Maximum amount of memory to allocate, in megabytes (default: “100”)
      - *riak_kv_cache_backend_ttl*
      Amount by which to extend an object’s expiry lease on each access, in
      seconds (default: “600”)
      - *riak_kv_cache_backend_max_ttl*
      Maximum allowed lease time (default: “3600”)


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