Building Riak Search on OS X

Andrew Thompson andrew at
Wed Aug 24 00:08:45 EDT 2011

On Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 09:02:30PM -0700, Jeremiah Peschka wrote:
> Has anyone managed to build Riak Search 0.14.2 on OS X? When I try with the version from homebrew (or pulling the riak_search-0.14.2 tag from github) I get the following error:
> Compiling src/riakclient.proto
> WARNING: option deprecated
> Config option 'fail_on_warning' has been deprecated
> in favor of 'warnings_as_errors'.
> 'fail_on_warning' will be removed once OTP R14B03 is released.
> Compiled src/riakc_obj.erl
> Compiled src/riakc_pb.erl
> src/riakc_pb_socket.erl:62: type ip_address() undefined
> make: *** [compile] Error 1
> When I attempt to follow the wiki directions for getting started with the pre-built packages, I download a tiny file that's not in a valid .tar.gz format and that's all she wrote.
> Thoughts? Experiences?

I'm pretty sure that's caused by the wrong version of Erlang. You can
correct the error by prefixing the ip_address type with inet: to give
you inet:ip_address() but you'll likely run into NIF compilation errors
later on in the build.


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