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Fri Aug 26 10:34:18 EDT 2011

Hi Neil, 

Which one of the .NET clients are you using? If it's CorrugatedIron, let me know and I can work with you off list to get things connected (OJ Reeves and I maintain it). I don't think the other two libraries are getting much maintenance and attention at the moment. 

If you can't connect, have you looked into the app.config to change the IPs that Riak will bind to? By default it's set to only bind to You can change that for development purposes to (I'd use the real IP address for production). Since you have two nodes on the same host, make sure that they're not both using the same port.


You'll see slower performance with HTTP requests than you will with Protocol Buffers requests.

Let me know how I can help more.
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On Aug 25, 2011, at 8:32 PM, Neil Unadkat wrote:

> Hey, 
> We have been testing Riak to use as our backend database, but one of the issues that we are facing is that Riak is very slow when a call is made from the c# sharp code.
> In the code, we have used the basic Web Client class, and make a simple GET call. It takes like 2 seconds to get one object.
> We have setup a cluster which has 2 nodes on Mac mini, and one on an Ubuntu machine. 
> I have tried using the .net client library mentioned on the site, but with those i cannot even connect to the nodes.
> Can anyone help? _______________________________________________
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