Riak Recap for August 22 - 25

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Fri Aug 26 19:38:08 EDT 2011

Afternoon, Evening, Morning to All -

Here's a great Recap to take you into the weekend: blog posts, slides,
videos, new code, and more.

Also, to all our Riak users who happen to be on the East Coast of the
US this weekend: stay safe.



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Basho Technologies

Riak Recap for August 22 - 26

1) A video of Rusty Klophaus' Secondary Indexing Talk from OSCON made
it onto Youtube. (The video quality is not the best, but it gets the
job done.)

* Watch here ---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uExMXa4t8eg

2) Joseph Lambert has two new Riak-related repos up on GitHub that are
definitely worth keeping an eye on. (He should also get some points
for one of the better GitHub nicks I've seen in a while.)

* ---> https://github.com/snoopaloop/Riak-PBC-Pool
* ---> https://github.com/snoopaloop/riakyo

3) Cody Soyland and Sean Cribbs collaborated to put together a Riak
Post Commit Hook that send writes to ZeroMQ.

* Details here --->

4) The slides from the talk I gave on Wednesday night at the Seattle
Scalability Meetup are now online.

* Check them out here --->

5) Adam Schepis wrote a script to update Riak Config Files (and turned
it into a blog post). He was also looking for some feedback on it….

* Check it out here --->

6) One Job opportunity to pass along.

* Work with Node.js, Linux, Riak, and more

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