innostore performance tuning

Mark Phillips mark at
Tue Aug 30 13:44:13 EDT 2011

Hi David,

Allow me to derail the conversation a bit. :)

Have you looked into using the LevelDB backend at all? This option
will be supported officially in the 1.0 release (slated for late
Sept), and, in our initial testing, is looking like it'll be
competitive with Inno.  Level also offers better recovery and is
append-only (which are just a few of its advantages over Inno).

There is a longish thread about it on the list [1] and a blog post [2]
worth reading that'll give you more info on why we're adding support
for it.

*** Mandatory caveat - as I said, it's not supported yet, and you
shouldn't be running it in prod until that happens. That said, if your
timeline permits and you have the freedom time to experiment, I would
be interested to see how it stacks up against Inno for your use

Hope that helps.


1 -
2 -

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