Achieving 100% consitency

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> That's the advice I usually give and the exact same reasons I give it.
> In an off-list email (as Jonathan knows), I equated it to saying "You should never do RDBMS development without a big enterprise grade server with $500k of SAN behind it." I typically say to build a dev environment that is as close to production as will give you production-like performance. Putting 3 nodes on my crappy stock laptop HDD isn't going to give me anything remotely like a production environment (well… there is always EC2 performance).
> We see these questions a lot on the list and I don't feel that telling clients "Well, it's gonna suck until you get it into production" isn't the best possible answer. A lot of people seem to be developing on 3-node clusters made out of Mac Minis, HP micro servers, and EC2; but even more people seem to be developing on laptops and wondering why they're seeing horrible performance.

How do you test the inconsistent states you will see in production
when you develop with a one-node cluster?  Or, for that matter on a
3-node cluster on the same box where partitioning isn't going to
happen without some unusual intervention to emulate it?

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