innostore performance tuning

David Koblas david at
Tue Aug 30 19:31:34 EDT 2011


Didn't try that - though it looks like the {format, direct} is the 
biggest win in terms of performance.

I've also switched over to using LevelDB for the insert test, which I've 
got running at about 3200tps, which is a huge improvement!  Though at 
one point I think I saw comparable performance with innodb after I tuned 
the storage format, but stopped that test before I had definitive 

The one issue that I see with LevelDB in a big insert job like this is 
file descriptors, I've currently got about 9,000 files open on the 
machine, I'm guessing that I'll run out of file descriptors before the 
load is done.   Is there a configuration parameter to change the size of 
the SST files before they're rolled?


On 8/30/11 11:20 AM, Scott Lystig Fritchie wrote:
> David Koblas<david at>  wrote:
> dk>  * innostore section - {flush_method, "O_DIRECT"}
> David, what happens when you remove that option and allow the default to
> be used?
> -Scott

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